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Fashionable, versatile and fast access- the Springfield can be carried as a sling or around the... mehr
Produktinformationen "f-stop Springfield navy"

Fashionable, versatile and fast access- the Springfield can be carried as a sling or around the waist and provides immediate access to a body and mounted lens plus extra lens.


  • Poly Spun yarn gives outer shell a soft touch and vintage look
  • YKK® buckles provide security on main flap
  • Protective flap with stylish and ergonomic cut
  • High quality and stylish Nylon webbing
  • High quality leather details
  • Large weather flap to protect your camera
  • 3 outer accessory pockets
  • Lightweight
Product Notes
  • Classic Style: A vintage canvas look crafted from tough, yet supple polyester and genuine leather accents.
  • Reliable Protection: Ample padding and weather resistant fabrics help protect your gear in the field.
  • Organized Storage: Multiple external pockets and padded main compartment with a moveable divider.
  • Easy Access: Side-release buckle on protective cover flap offers fast, one-handed access.
  • Versatile: Padded camera insert can be removed for everyday use.
  • Comfort: Can be carried as a sling or around the waist as a hip-pack.
  • Fits: Pro/pro-sumer, gripped, SLR Body and one lens
  • 3 color choices (Midnight Navy, Silver Sage, Olive)
  • Protective flap with stylish and ergonomic cut
  • Can be warn as sling or waist pack
  • Air spun yarn provides extremely soft touch and volume to outer shell yet holds the physical appearance of Canvas
  • High-quality leather provide subtle ascents to bags appearance and provides durability
  • Fast camera access



  • Dimensions (in): Height: 9.4 x Width: 13 x Depth: 5.1
  • Dimensions (cm): Height: 24 x Width: 33 x Depth: 13
  • Weight: 0.47kgs (1.04lbs)
  • Stitching: Heavy-duty, industrial cross-stitching in key areas
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